Thème pour 2021
Construire l'avenir ensemble : mettons fin à la pauvreté persistante en respectant toutes les personnes et notre planète

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La Haye, Utrecht, Heerlen, Nimwegen - Dimanche 17 Octobre 2021 - Stones tell a story

In the Netherlands there are 5 celebrations of October 17th.

-The Hague, at our National Centre, 

- 't Zwervel, with the youth movement,

- Utrecht - a collaboration with local and national organisations fighting against poverty,

- Heerlen, with the theatre-play "Zie de Mens (= Watch the human Being) created with people who live in situations that make them vulnerable",

-  Nimwegen, after the Mass (RC) at the Wall of Peace where a stone is graved with a text of Father Joseph: Our only arm is the love for humanity, passion for justice and peace." Here we will read the international message, adapted with Dutch examples, sing Oh Freedom, read a poem by Joke Kersten "Watch the human being" 

Interesting too: The groupe in Heerlen painted "Solidaritystones" especialy for the 17h october celebration. Each of these stones tell a story. These stones are photographed and the stories written at each stone.

La Haye, Utrecht, Heerlen, Nimwegen

Dublin - Dimanche 17 Octobre 2021 - It’s Time to Change and End Persistent Poverty

The 17th October Committee would also like to invite you to attend the in-person event Dublin event on Sunday 11am at the Poverty Stone.- Invitation below- Programme for the Dublin event inside the booklet.

Please find attached our 17th October National Booklet - displaying the groups around Ireland who are marking the International Day. Please feel free to share


11.00 Words from the MC - Peter McVerry

11.05 Welcome and address - Lord Mayor of Dublin - Alison Gilliland

11.10 Song – Cathal and Aine Holland

11.15 Reading of the Message of the Human Rights and Poverty Stone

11.20 writing - what change you would like to see in the world on butterflies -
keep hold of the butterfly for the common gesture later in the proceedings

11.25 Reading of the President’s Message – Andrew Kelly

11.30 Testimonies based on lived experience of poverty and injustice:
Dominican Justice Office- Roselin Blessing Makumba.
All Together in Dignity (ATD) Ireland Anne - Marie Fay & Christina Powell
Pavee Point- Pa Reilly
SAOL Project

11.50 Song from SAOL about 17th October – No Need

12.00 Musical piece- Cathal and Aine Holland (Background)
Dramatic presentation based on Discrimination:
This piece highlights the 9 grounds of Equality Legislation, the Jigsaw pieces
represent the interconnectivity between the grounds, and the missing piece
represents the need to extend the Irish Equality Legislation to include a 10th
ground - to protect people from Socio-economic Discrimination
12.10 Poem reading from the new Lockdown Liberties poetry proj

(Lorraine Kelly – Philip Kenny)

12.15 Symbolic Gesture: Butterflies For Change

12.25 Final Song SAOL - Something inside so strong

12.30 Closing Remarks and thanks: MC


Brussels - Lundi 11 Octobre 2021 - Steps forward in recognizing and assessing discrimination based on socioeconomic status

Monday 11 October 2021 14:30 ­ 15:30

Online event

Register here first then select the event

Although discrimination on grounds of socio­economic situation is a widespread reality, it is still invisible. Covid­19 pandemic has exacerbated this form of discrimination, including in education and health care. Simultaneously, the digitalization of services has made the situation of people living in poverty increasingly difficult – a form of indirect discrimination. This session will discuss discrimination on grounds of socioeconomic situation in our today’s society as well as the strategies to raise awareness about it. The discussion will gather experts from different background who have widely work on this issue: ATD Fourth World (represented by Bert Luyts) has played an important role in advocating for the recognition of this form of discrimination in France. Claire Hédon, French Défenseur des droits, has dealt with many cases on that question. Finally, Sarah Ganty, researcher, has widely written on the importance of protecting people against discrimination on grounds of socio­economic status in European and national laws.


London - Dimanche 17 Octobre 2021 - To showcase all of the amazing activities taking place for #IDEP2021.

For October 17th 2021, The APLE Collective want to showcase all of the amazing activities taking place for #IDEP2021.


For #IDEP2021, we are asking the APLE Collective and beyond these questions:

1. What examples of lived expertise to help solve poverty can you share?

2. This year’s theme for #IDEP2021 is ‘Building Forward Together: Ending persistent poverty, respecting all people and our planet. What does building forward together mean to you and/or your community?


New York - Vendredi 15 Octobre 2021 - Global week for the eradication of poverty on October 2021

‘’Building Forward Together: Ending Persistent Poverty, Respecting all People and our Planet

  • October 15th: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, online commemoration in partnership with UN DESA and UNDP

  • October 18th and 19th: UNDP webinars

  • October 18th: Webinar with the global coalition to end child poverty, featuring Olivier de Schutter.

  • October 20th: Olivier de Schutter, the Special rapporteur on Extreme poverty and Human rights, presents his report to the General Assembly

    • Report title: The persistence of poverty: how real equality can break the vicious cycles

New York