Thème pour 2018
S’unir avec les plus exclus pour construire un monde où les droits de l’homme et la dignité seront universellement respectés.

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Warsaw - Mercredi 17 Octobre 2018 - Theatre of homeless - Exhibition of photos

In Warsaw, different groups will perform against poverty through culture and the art, with the "theatre of homeless", an exhibition of photos. These groups will make a common art work during the day.


To discover more what takes place in Poland on October 17, you can watch this video (in Polish) from 2017 in Kielce, with a commemoration around the replica of the Stone in honour of the people living in extreme Poverty. The homeless, representatives of the city authorities, employees of the City Center for Family and Social Welfare, and volunteers paid homage to the victims of poverty worldwide. Participants visited the places devoted to the poor - the Human Rights and the Homeless Cross near the railway station building.

In 2017, people also organised a "washing machine of ideas" workshop, during which participants wrote down the problems elated to poverty and looked for solutions.

"When living in poverty we experience humiliation: There is a need for upbringing and educating people to respect other people."

"When living in poverty we experience reduced development prospects for children: There is a need to support families, and a need also to build relations with children, "extending them to the world" and supporting them in making small and bigger dreams come true. Important as well is to train teachers in social inclusion."

"When living in poverty there is a risk to feel and be in isolation from others: There is the need to spread positive - that is, optimistic - attitudes of mutual tolerance and acceptance of our neighbors."


London - Mercredi 17 Octobre 2018 - Film Screening and Commemoration

An event to mark the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty will be held in London, United Kingdom, on October 17. Hosted by The Baroness Lister of Burtersett, CBE, the event will take place at the Palace of Westminster, 5 to 7pm in Conference Room 4.

It will feature the screening of a film about “The Roles We Play: Recognising the Contribution of People in Poverty” produced by ATD Fourth World in the UK followed by a panel discussion on “How meaningful participation by people with direct experience of poverty can create positive societal change”.

The panel discussion will be followed by a commemoration including a musical performance by Kemi Sulola. From 7 to 8pm, participants are invited to light refreshments at The Loose Box restaurant, 51 Horseferry Rd, Westminster, London SW1P 2AA.


Asaba, Port Harcourt - Mercredi 17 Octobre 2018 - Marking the World Day in Delta and River States, Nigeria

The Coalition of NGOs and Individuals in Asaba, Delta State and Port Harcourt, Rivers State, respectively, will honour the World Day for Overcoming Poverty by announcements in churches, radio broadcasts, an October 17 commemoration, and a conference on 8-10 November on the theme of Unifying the Vulnerable Class Towards Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals and Ending Gender-Based Violence in Nigeria at which the tenets of October 17 will feature prominently.

Asaba, Port Harcourt

Romblon - Mercredi 17 Octobre 2018 - 5th Anti-Poverty Symposium, the Philippines

The National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction of the Department of Social Welfare, Mimaropa Region, Philippines, will hold its 5th Anti-Poverty Symposium to mark the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty.

The symposium will be held in Romblon State University, in Odiongan Romblon, and will involve participants from various national government agencies, academic institutions, local government units, civil society organizations and participants in social protection programs, together with other line agencies such as the legislators.

The Anti-Poverty Symposium is held every year to expand advocacy efforts for October 17 in overcoming extreme hunger and poverty.

The NHTSPR Mimaropa, as the only office mandated to hold database of poor and non-poor individuals in the Philippines encourages all stakeholders to access this database for their social protection and social welfare development programs. Since 2014, the NHTSPR Mimaropa region committed itself and makes it a regular activity to join the October 17 commemoration for the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, with a dedicated annual budget to conduct a symposium that tackles anti-poverty initiatives.

The NHTSPR Mimaropa will also explore other mechanisms and activities to make the annual symposium more attractive to the public so to increase the number of participants involved.


London - Mercredi 17 Octobre 2018 - ODI/CPAN Panel Discussion on Leave No One Behind

On the International Day for the Eradication Poverty on 17 October,  the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) will host a Panel Discussion in liaison with the Chronic Poverty Advisory Network (CPAN) on the theme of 'Leaving No One Behind through economic growth, governance reform and climate change initiatives' in London, United Kingdom. If you wish to register in person or to watch a live stream, click the link above.You can also register here

The ODI is an independent, global think tank, working for a sustainable and peaceful world in which every person thrives. The Chronic Poverty Advisory Network (CPAN) is a network of researchers, policy makers and practitioners across 17 developing countries focused on tackling chronic poverty and getting to zero extreme poverty and deprivation. CPAN is a programme hosted at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in London.