Thème pour 2017
Répondre à l'appel du 17 octobre pour éliminer la pauvreté: un chemin vers des sociétés pacifiques et inclusives

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Warszawa-Praga-Południe - Mardi 17 Octobre 2017 - Flashmob then meeting in the ATD Office

In order to raise awareness about 17 October, World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, there will be a "flashmob" in a crowded area in Warsaw.

Then, we will all meet in the ATD office to talk and know each other by sharing knowledge and experience.

ul.Grenadierow 34 lok.U1, Tel ATD office: (48) 22.616.10.20

Strasbourg - Mardi 17 Octobre 2017 - Acting together to eradicate extreme poverty in Europe

Draft programme (Strasbourg, 17 October 2017, Palais de l’Europe, Room 3)

9h30: Opening session and introductory addresses

10h15-12h15: Round Table “Acting together to eradicate extreme poverty in Europe: what progress since 2012 ?”

12h30: “End poverty: leave no-one behind”: Ceremony on the forecourt of the Council of Europe with the participation of the Council of Europe choir and the children of the school Lixenbuhl

14h15: Fighting against poverty, a core action for a better social cohesion in Europe

14h45: Access to social rights for adolescents and young people

16h15: Conclusions

To read, on the Council of Europe website:


Oakland - Mardi 17 Octobre 2017 - A path toward peaceful and inclusive societies

Event for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and the 2017 Annual Hope and Justice Celebration.

rsvp: Janny Castillo
jcastillo [at] stmaryscenter [dot] org

925 Brockhurst St

London - Mardi 17 Octobre 2017 - Giving Poverty a Voice

Giving Poverty a Voice is excited to invite you to our next meeting to be held on Tuesday 17 October 2017, 10:30am – 2:30pm at 48 Addington Square, Camberwell, SE5 7LB.

At this meeting we will be thinking about the United Nations-recognised International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and what it means to you. We want to work together on what you have to say and think about where we go from here looking forward.

If you have never been to Giving Poverty a Voice before, this is the perfect opportunity to get involved. For those of you who have been involved before, we look forward to reconnecting with the group and building on the positive work we accomplished last year.

To prepare a little and get you all in the right frame of mind, please, please, please have a think about the following questions:

- What is the most pressing issue in your life right now?

- Is anybody talking about the issues you feel are important?

- What do you think about the outings we have done with Giving Poverty a Voice?

Let us know if you want to come by calling Andrew or Dann on 0207 703 3231. We look forward to seeing you!

ATD Fourth World UK 48 Addington Square

Frimley Green - Samedi 21 Octobre 2017 - Celebrating Frimhurst Family House as a place of Freedom

As part of the worldwide campaign “STOP POVERTY: All Together in Dignity”, we invite you to reaffirm your willingness to build a world where no one will be left behind. Please join us in celebrating the courage, strength and inspiration of the remarkable people behind the story of Frimhurst.  


2:30pm     Welcome and Introduction by Tish Mason

2:45pm     Presentation on Frimhurst’s early history by   Michael Lambert

3:15pm     Premiere of our new film “Frimhurst: A Place of Freedom”

3:30pm     Stories of change: “Listening” by Eric Knibbs. Followed by a short debate by the film participants

4:30pm     Tour of the exhibition and refreshments

5:15pm     Talk about the life of Mary Rabagliati by Diana Skelton

5.40pm     Performance by Surrey Heath Singers

6.00pm     Drinks and farewell

Frimhurst Family House Guildford Road
Frimley Green