Dialogue in the Dark

Hilfe für Afrika e.V.“ joined Together! Ethiopian Residents Charity with the „Lunch in the Dark“ on the occasion of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. 

The event focused on the special abilities of persons with visual impairment and open up unique means of social, professional and economic participation. 

Guiding and serving people with sight through joint and joyful encounters in complete darkness reverses the accustomed situation of people with visual impairment and people with sight. 

Changing roles, raises awareness on the hardships which people with visual impairment face in our society. Concurrently, it proves their countless capabilities as well as special skills and promotes the social inclusion of persons with visual impairment through their share and 
participation in cultural events. On the event Together!'s right holders and some participants have told their stories and their role in fighting extreme poverty.

Here are some photos from this wonderful from this first 17th October event in Addis Abeba: The opening, reading in Braille the Message for the World Day for Overcoming Poverty and the United Nations International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 17th October 2015, the discussion, giving testimonies by Together!‘s right holders, the guests and the Together-Team; singing together an Ethiopian song.

Marta Nigussei: "People shall not pity the blind because of thinking that they cannot do anything! They can do everything! It is only one sense missing and they can cope with this and use all the other senses and are able to do anything! Do not say that blind people are not able to do anything!"