Communal Lunch
Jeu 16/10/2014

MATI NGO in Mymensingh invite all people from the communities surrounding their house for a Communal Lunch on Thursday October 16, 12:00, at MATI Headquarters.

120 to 150 persons are expected altogether, from poor communities and from more affluent households. Thursdays Communal Lunch at MATI are the opportunity to spend time together without giving so much emphasize on the differences between us and to attest our common humanness and  the importance of relationships.

Program after lunch will comprise games for all, a children's cinema and a wallpainting activity in front of Mati's office in order to keep memory of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.  One mural will be done by the children and one other mural will be done by an artist .

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MATI is based in Mymensingh, working on self defined rural development. MATI has been used to celebrating October 17th for 4 years now.


67/1 S. A. Sarker Road Sankipara