Our mobilization for October 17

During the IDEP 2019, we collaborated with other agencies within communicating with UNICEF, UNDP and Child Protection Working Group. We collaborated with primary schools and involved children in our events.

1. We have organized prayer for children via 1 church and have reached 80 children. Reverend Ngango is one of our field partners who is supporting 150 vulnerable children and more than 200 care givers.

2. Workshop/ Roundtable/ Discussion on child poverty:
We organized via Focus group discussions in different villages and have reached 600 persons during our discussions. Most collected feedback from communities show that children are affected by poverty by living in inappropriate housing, children cannot go to school because of poverty and vulnerability while their families are still poor and don’t have economic and business opportunities.

3. School Events, mobilizing parents and schools leaders on child poverty. While schools are not operating in the DR Congo because the declaration on free education is not respected, we were able to mobilize children in private schools where 120 children were educated on eradication of poverty.

A challenge is based on lack of funding for activities but BIFERD has used existing focal points to organize activities in different locations.

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